on the cutting edge.

The digital age  changed the way we publish and absorb content. With the invention of the iPad, iPhone and mobile devices to read our books there was no turning back.

Triflection Press™ reacted quickly to the new publishing frontier. Our Multi-Touch books are our premier imprint, with EPUBs and web based content following close behind in the rapidly changing digital revolution.


What is a "Triflection experience™"?  

It’s only a little about talent and a lot about Inspiration. It's about understanding why the light of inspiration might choose to reach out in a very special and meaningful way.

In life, in a conversation, in a moment of clarity or just i the feeling that you are in the zone of an anointed experience, it is all about the electricity, and the light of life. We may not understand all the ways light influences us or our works, but when it shines through the results are evident.

All of us were made to experience life’s most precious filled energy. We simply need to align with the source behind life to find ourselves energized by life's higher purposes. Our publishing goals prioritize these special moments with stories and spiritually infused content in art, music and literature.

Inspiration received, to inspiration shared, to inspiration turned back to its source in a moment of thanksgiving. This is what we define as a “Triflection experience™”. 

Triflection™, a three sides light infused experience with an energy recognizing the invisible and equally tangible energy behind life… 3x inspired, a "Triflection experience™".


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Each of our products is focused on one underlying theme… spiritual growth within the 21st century. How will humanity grow if not given the opportunity? How will the world advance if not invited to rise to a higher purpose and potential?

From our library of inspired literature our values oriented products and stories present a message designed to improve your personal life as well as the world around you. Our brand is about values and inspiration and how one invites the other to participate in the circle of life. And what is the end result, if not the improving of humanity?

We are Triflection Press™, publisher of The Pine Needle Man™ original literature library.


Core Features

  • 21 Principles

    Launch a personal program in spiritual growth.

  • 20 artworks

    Original art from the Author illustrates themes.

  • 84 references

     84 Reference touchpoints validate the content.

  • original Music

    12:45 sec. EP Song / Video vitalizes the journey.



You must find a place to land. How will you know which choice is right? Decisions made today chart the course for all your tomorrows.


You were born with a spiritually significant purpose. What better time than now to align with the inspiration and to prepare for your journey?


Spiritual life beckons from lofty plateaus. Higher knowledge and wisdom await. Could this be the road to your ascension, the door to a satisfied mind?



Art with Values™ publishes The Pine Needle Man™ original art library in four distinct series for a 21st century world. 365 Lyrics™, a nonfiction program for adults sets forth a 365 day lyrical journey in spiritual growth, with art, music, and literature for every day of the year.



PNM Music publishes The Pine Needle Man™ original music library with each song focused on the topic of the human search for truth. From instrumentals to full production songs, to ballad songs that share stories of truth for a world in need.. listen to the music free or buy on iTunes.



Triflection Press™ publishes The Pine Needle Man™ original literature library with a variety of books ranging from multiple nonfiction and fiction works, to character building books for the NextGen, all centered around one connecting theme, spiritual growth for a 21st century world.


“ In a world which seems to be spinning out of control most of the time, this was a read which started me thinking in new dimensions. High Five to the ones who put this all together.“


“ I think this book is actually changing my life, giving me a perspective I never thought about before. Do yourself a favor and check into it. You may be surprised to discover there is much more to living than you ever imagined.”



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